Corporate Office


Corporate Address: 4115 Commodity Pkwy, Raleigh, NC 27610 | P: 919-424-8265

Team Members

David Williams Vice President

Steve Garner Senior Leader

Division Leads

Brent Huntley Divisional Leader - Southern Locations

Greg Metts Divisional Leader
- Lumber Locations

JD Ziegelhofer Divisional Leader
- Eastern Locations

John Rendleman Divisional Leader
- Northern Locations

Daniel Caviness Sales Team Leader
- Eastern Locations

David Guistwite Assistant Branch Team Leader - Lumber Locations

Morgan Stout Assistant Branch Team Leader - Northern Locations


Mia Jafari Accounting Team Leader

Luz Miranda Accounting Team Lead

Beth Wittson Accounting Team Member

Bridget Nordlie Accounting Team Member

Jacquie Burns Accounting Team Member

Kathleen McEntee Accounting Team Member

Kristina Sauve Accounting Team Member

Peggy Hearrin Accounting Team Member

Terry Daughtry Accounting Team Member


Jennifer Cline Credit Analysis Team Leader

Caitlin Sharp Credit Analysis Team Member

Jessica Hardin Credit Analysis Team Member


Johnna Allen Human Resources Team Leader

Taylor Duncan HR Team Member

Tina Williams HR Team Member


Jim Warren IT Team Leader

Brandan Riley IT Team Member

Kelsie Langston IT Team Member

Matt Warren IT Team Member

Tara Anderson IT Team Member


Holly Williams Marketing Team Leader

Adam Purvis Marketing Team Member

Ryan O’Toole Marketing Team Member


Mike Benvenuti Operations Leader
- Northern Locations

Zach Crews Operations Leader
- Eastern Locations

Luis Jorge Operations Leader - Southern Locations

Dennis Wheeler Operations Leader - Lumber Locations


Terri Luther Purchasing Team Leader

Hank Wolfe Purchasing Team Member

Kimberly Norbeck Purchasing Team Member

Reid Salmon Purchasing Team Member

Rosa Valenzuela Purchasing Team Member

Wendy Palmer Purchasing Team Member

David Blackburn Product Team Leader

Angie Blackburn Inventory Team Member

Lori Garner Product Team Member


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