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Join us for a journey back in time as we explore Horizon Forest’s past and see what else was going on in the world every step of the way!


James Baillie

James Baillie begins a lumber brokerage firm, working out of his home.

Yankee Stadium

The first home game is played in the original Yankee Stadium, with the Yanks beating the Red Sox 4-1 on a 3-run HR by Babe Ruth.


John Long

John Long opens J.P. Long Floor Supply Co., a Porter Cable sanding equipment & sundries distributor.


The airship Hindenburg burns in a spectacular disaster, changing the future of air travel.


Richmond, VA

J.P. Long Floor Supply opens an office in Richmond, Virginia.

A bird? A plane?

Action Comics introduces a brand new hero. He is faster than a speeding bullet and can leap a building with a single bound. His name is Superman.


Al Lewis

19-year-old Al Lewis joins the J.P. Long Floor Supply workforce as a mechanic.


Jackie Robinson steps onto a Major League Baseball field with the Brooklyn Dodgers. He went 0-3 in his first game, but won the first ever Rookie of the Year title at the end of his first season.


Baillie Lumber Co.

After almost two decades of growth, James Baillie incorporates his brokerage firm and it becomes Baillie Lumber Co. Inc.


North Korea invades its neighbor to the south and the Korean War begins.


Donald Meyer

Donald Meyer is hired as a salesman and begins working for Baillie Lumber.


The USSR successfully launches Sputnik 1 and achieve Earth’s first artificial satellite.


A New Day

Jim Baillie retires and Donald Meyer takes his place as owner and President of Baillie Lumber

A Dream

Martin Luther King, Jr makes an impassioned speech that will come to be known as “I Have a Dream.”


Long Floor Supply

Al Lewis purchases J.P. Long Flooring Supply and changes the name to Long Floor Supply, Inc.

Galactic Invasion!

The video game classic Space Invaders is released.

The 80s

Growth & Prosperity

Both Baillie Lumber and Long Floor continue to thrive and grow.


Bangs become terrifyingly poofy and music is absolutely dreadful.


Horizon Forest Products

Baillie Lumber takes over a distribution yard and calls it Horizon Forest Products.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton is elected President.


David and Steve

David Williams accepts leadership of Horizon Forest Products and Steve Garner opens a new HFP location in Wilmington.

Philosopher’s Stone

The first Harry Potter book is published in the UK.  It is released in the U.S. the next year under the name “Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.”


Beltsville, MD

Long Floor opens a new location in Beltsville, Maryland.


11 countries throughout Europe adopt the Euro as their common currency.


Charleston, SC

Horizon Forest Products expands into South Carolina by opening a location in Charleston.

Music in Your Pocket

Apple releases the iPod.


Raleigh Reload

Horizon Forest Products opens a new shipping hub in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Peace Prize

Former President Jimmy Carter is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


Norfolk, VA

Long Floor Supply expands and opens a new location in Norfolk, Virginia.


Action star Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected in a surprise upset and becomes Governor of California.


Expansion Continues

Horizon Forest Products opens a new location in Greensboro, NC and Long Floor Supply opens a location in Raleigh, NC.


Facebook launches on the Harvard campus and quickly spreads to other Ivy League schools.


Pieces Come Together

Baillie Lumber purchases Long Floor Supply. Horizon Forest Products and Long Floor merge to form Horizon Forest Long Flooring.

Deathly Hallows

The last of the seven Harry Potter books is published.


Name Change

“Long Flooring” is dropped from the name and Horizon Forest Products becomes the new company identity. A new location is opened in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The End of the World

The Mayan calendar reaches its end. The end of days comes and goes with little fanfare.


Dallas, TX

Horizon moves into Texas when it opens a new location in Dallas/Fort Worth.

The New Age

Millennials outnumber Baby Boomers for the first time, making it the most numerous generation in American history.


Houston, TX

Horizon continues to grow and opens a new location in Houston, Texas.

Solar Flight

Solar Impulse 2 completes the first circumnavigation of the planet by an airplane powered only by the sun.


The Story Continues

Horizon continues to flourish and grow as one of the top wholesale distributors in the Southeast. As our footprint and list of suppliers continues to grow, we are excited to write more chapters of our story. We look forward to many more years of helping our customers achieve the success that they deserve.