Holiday Hardwood Hazards

It is the most wonderful time of the year! …but not always for your hardwood floors. Between weather, hosting parties, and decorating, holiday festivities can take a toll on your floors. A great article by Daniel J. Praz of Mr. Sandless, points out 4 things to watch out for during the holidays, in order to […]

Prepare Your Home for Hardwood Floors

Prepare Your Home for Hardwood Floors When purchasing hardwood floors, we sometimes let the excitement of getting new floors distract us from all of the work and preparation that must be done before installation can begin.  We want to visualize the beauty that the new floors will add to our home immediately.  Often times, what […]

Wood Species ID, Squeaks and Applying Hardwax Oil

Wood Species ID, Squeaks and Applying Hardwax Oil Original article published by Hardwood Floors, the magazine of the National Wood Flooring Association. By HF Editors April/May 2014 Do you have any hardwax oil application tips? Jay Daniel Moore, owner at Richmond, Va.-based Antique Floors LLC, and NWFA Regional Instructor, answers: Some people buff it on, […]


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