What is Hand Scraped Hardwood?

The technique of hand scraping hardwood flooring was originally used in the 1600s to even out the difference between planks, but it is a style that is making a big comeback and has quickly grown in popularity over the past decade. Homeowners love the old world character and rustic warmth it brings to their home. […]

Janka Hardness Scale

As homeowners are shopping for hardwood floors for their home, something they will most likely come across is the phrase “Janka Hardness Rating”. Each species of hardwood is assigned a Janka hardness number and this number can tell some important information about the floors being considered. So what is a Janka rating and how should it influence your customer’s […]

Hardwood Flooring Pre-Installation Considerations

There are many things to consider when installing hardwood flooring. We have outlined the top 4 things you should think about before making your decision. Choose the appropriate type of hardwood flooring Not all flooring types are right for all situations. A simple rule of thumb is… do not install solid hardwood below grade (ground […]

8 Things You Should Know About Engineered Hardwood

There is no denying, engineered hardwood is quickly becoming a very popular choice for homeowners looking for quality hardwood flooring. There are so many great benefits to engineered hardwood and a few big differences between engineered and solid that we think homeowners need to be aware of, so we have compiled this list of the top […]

Acclimating Hardwood Floors: How & Why

Installing hardwood floors is one of the most exciting things that can happen in your home. More than likely you have spent hours doing research, asking questions, looking at samples, talking to your retailer or contractor, and finally you have decided on the perfect floors for your home. After all that work, we’re sure you […]

Spring Cleaning Tips

Its that time of the year! The days are longer, the sun is making more of an appearance, and hopefully that chilly weather is gone until the Fall. Its also a perfect time to take care of a few chores that might have gotten neglected in the past year. Here are a few spring cleaning ideas […]

So You Think You Can Sand? How About Maple?

So You Think You Can Sand? How About Maple? By Avi Hadad for Hardwood Floors Magazine A few years back I attended a floor technical school. There was only one panel that was made out of maple, the rest were red and white oak panels. Three guys took the task to sand that floor. When they were […]


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