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What is Ten Oaks’ Six Side Seal©?

Ten Oaks’ Six Side Seal© is a urethane moisture barrier seal coating ALL surface areas of EACH PIECE of flooring.

Provides a square edge without excessive overwood.

Reduces likelihood of cupping, warping and cracking due to seasonal moisture changes.

Zero acclimation needed while following all NWFA jobsite standards.

Contains anti-mold, anti-mildew and anti-bacterial components to keep home allergens suppressed.

Provides a physical barrier to wood-eating insects.

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Which would you rather come home to?

These two floors were laid by the same flooring contractor in two homes that were built by the same builder, in the same subdivision, on the same street.

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Environmental Commitment

Ten Oaks’ commitment to the environment runs deep. Our lumber is harvested from responsibly managed Appalachian forests, certified
by the Sustainable Hardwood Forest program.


Ten Oaks warrants the structural integrity of our products for life, and our prefinished wear surface for 20 years.

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