Those who are looking to create a space with a classic, rustic feel need search no farther than Countryside. This 3/8″ engineered birch product comes in 5″ wide planks. Sorted into random lengths of 1-4 feet, Countryside gives a natural look to any room. Best of all, it can be installed anywhere: below, on or above grade. Being an engineered hardwood, it can even be installed on top of concrete.

Each plank is hand-scraped for a timeless, chiseled look. The edges and ends of each plank are beveled to achieve the same look and feel as a traditional solid hardwood floor. Finally, a UV cured Aluminum Oxide finish is applied to give Countryside maximum durability, as well as top-of-the-line beauty.

Features and Benefits

  • A rustic hand-sculpted flooring  which will add heritage and  history to any home.
  • 5” wide worn-chiseled edge planks  create a custom floor of timeless  originality and distinction.
  • All of this comes together to give  the flooring a beautiful natural look.
  • TSCA Title VI & Lacey Act Compliant