Terry Meyer

Outside Sales Team Member

Team Member Since 2021


What year did you start working with Horizon?


What's the best part of your job?

Building strong partnerships where both parties profit

What is your favorite place you've travelled?

London, Rio de Janeiro, & Banff Canada

What is a goal you want to accomplish in the upcoming year?

Clean up and develop existing accounts within Houston-South territory so it's in a solid position for 2022. Personal goal - exercise more

Where is somewhere you've never been but would like to go?

To see the castles in Scotland

What pets do you have?

dogs and cats - I have grandpets (from my kids mistakes)

What is your favorite holiday and why?

Christmas - its a joyous time of recognizing/celebrating my Savior's birth

What words best describe your dance skills?


What is your favorite TV or movie genre?

TV - Peaky Blinders. Movie - Snatched/Braveheart

What's the best dish you can cook?

BBQ ribs

What was the name of your favorite stuffed animal, blanket, or imaginary friend?

Don't remember

What is your favorite food?

Food - no favorite. However, not big fan of curry dishes

What's your favorite candy?

chocolate almonds

What superhero are you most like?

I don't know superhero's - I asked my wife and son, they said Thor. Sounds silly to me. LOL

If you had to spend at least six straight months as a wild animal, which would you choose and why?

An Eagle. Seeing the world in a complete different vantage point.

Who is most influential in your life?

My Mom

What are your hobbies?

Boating, Exploring outdoors, History, Gardening, Grilling,

What sports do you follow?

College Football (Texas A&M, Texas Tech, SEC, ACC),

What household chore do you like doing the least?

Emptying cat liter box

What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever done?

Seriously, too many to list

If you could live in any other time period, which would you choose?

Revolutionary America

What achievement are you most proud of?

I survived getting my kids raised and out of the house.


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