Corporate Office – Raleigh


4115 Commodity Parkway Raleigh, NC 27610
7:00am – 4:30pm 7:00am – 4:00pm


Phone: (919) 424-8265

Fax: (919) 255-9020

Toll Free: (866) 462-4083

Team Members

David Williams Vice President

Steve Garner Divisional Leader

JD Ziegelhofer Divisional Leader

David Blackburn Product Manager

Daniel Caviness Sales Manager - East Coast

RJ Keane Sales Manager - Texas

Lori Garner Product Team Member

Chad Marshall Sundries Product Team Member

Tina Williams Human Resources Team Leader

Bev Farah Purchasing Team Leader

Kathleen McEntee Accounting Team Leader

Holly Williams Marketing Team Leader

Jim Warren IT Team Leader

Mike Adams Operations Team Leader

Larry Lemons Fleet Team Leader

Johnna Allen HR Team Member

Mia Jafari Accounts Payable Team Member

Terry Daughtry Accounts Payable Team Member

Wendy Love Accounts Payable Team Member

Luz Miranda Accounts Payable Team Member

Terri Luther Purchasing Team Member

Bridget Nordlie Purchasing Team Member

Dominic Leech Purchasing Team Member

Tanya McCord Purchasing Team Member

Carl Bahn Purchasing Team Member

Jennie Ambrose Purchasing Team Member

Kelsie Langston IT Team Member

Tyler Hesen IT Team Member

Adam Purvis Marketing Team Member

Ashley Shaw Marketing Team Member

Ryan O’Toole Marketing Team Member

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